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So… In Chapter 38 of The Intern…


…Levi gives something important to Eren. 

SnK Fanfic Update! The Intern: Chapter 37


Title: The Intern

Author: Lutte

Fandom: Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan

Pairing: Levi/Eren

AO3: Chapter 37

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chibierensbumbum: "I.. I see. I could have sworn I've met you before. I'm Eren Jaeger by the way."

Levi regarded him for a moment before shrugging, looking over his nails. “Never heard of you.”

— Anonymous: Flat White

Levi rolled his eyes, “Confess a crime? Now why would I do something like that…”

thorniafrosty: "Hello, what can I get you sir?" The ravenette asked as she approached the man's table //I hope a modern coffeeshop AU is okay

Levi glanced up at the girl, his arms folded across his chest. He hadn’t bothered to look at the menu, but he didn’t really need to. He wasn’t interested in anything complex. 

"Coffee, black. Two sugars."

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chibierensbumbum: "It's just... you look like someone I knew long ago. Almost as if it were a dream." There was a painful feeling in his chest as he looked into the stranger's onyx eyes

Levi raised a brow, his steel blue eyes glinting. “We’ve never met.”

"I suppose this would count…"

Send me a cup of coffee.

Espresso: Describe your usual morning routine.
Decaf: Impersonate one of your friends.
Macchiato: Name two things you think go well together and why.
Latte: List three aspects of your personality that you love.
Flat White: Confess the most recent crime you committed.
Iced: Make the weirdest face you can.
Cappuccino: Describe your ideal wedding.
Drip: Post a photo of a stuffed animal you own.
Mocha: Name one of your guilty pleasures.
Doppio: List two of your dream travel locations and why.
Black: Recall the worst insult you've ever received.
Americano: Post a photo of your favorite outfit.
Kopi: Describe an incident when you tried something new.

So… In Chapter 37 of The Intern…


…Levi reveals a secret he’s been keeping from Eren.